CJC 1295 and Growth Hormone

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Celebrating the life of Actor Warren Mitchell (Alf Garnett)

Movie star Warren Mitchell dies today after having health problems for some time. The family confirmed that Warren died early hours of this Saturday morning. The actor died at the age of 89.

He was born in London where he served as in the Royal Air Force before going to Oxford University College to do physics, although he never finished his course and end up in the acting career in 1951. Warren Mitchell will be remembered for plying a lot of characters in different movies he was featured on. He began his career of acting in the year 1966 at the age of 40 where he played the character of Alf Garnett. He appeared in more than 50 episodes of the same program until it ended in the year 1975. After a long period of time Warren return to the television series in 1985 going with the same name ‘Alf Garnett’ in a series by the name ?Sickness and in health’. The series run from 1985 to 1992 and he was loved by so many people for his funny character. He also appeared in TV shows such as ‘Lovejoy’ and ‘Waking the dead’ which were shown in almost all the TV channels. In 2004 he suffered a stroke which didn’t last long and he was able to go back to the stage to continue his career.

He won his Oliver Awards for the movie series ?Death of a salesman’ and also ?The Price’ in the year 2004. Many loved and adore his acting and a lot of people are sharing his past acting memories all over the internet. Other comedians like Ricky Gervais are paying their last tributes to Warren by saying he was the best and an important character in the comedy performance in all history. Other people who have written good things about the actor on the internet are the Theater director Rupert Goold and the actor’s nephew who have praised him a lot.

The U2: Innocence and Experience Concert Canceled After Deadly Attacks In Paris

The much anticipated U2: iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE concert that was schedule to take place at AccorHotels Arena in Paris on 14th and 15th November, 2015 was cancelled following the state of emergency declared across France. The state of emergency comes after a string of deadly attacks in Paris on Friday 13th, 2015 that left scores dead and injured. The famed Irish band, U2, consisting of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen said, on its official website, that they were extremely devastated by the shootings and, therefore, had to cancel the concert. The Saturday show was set to be broadcasted live by HBO, but the deadly shootings at the French capital were a huge blow on the entertainment industry, since the concert could not go on.

As a concert by American band, Eagles of Death Metal, was going on at the Bataclan concert hall on Friday 13th November, 2015, a couple of miles from AccorHotels Arena, a shoot-out erupted and left dozens injured and killed. Those present at the Eagles of Death Metal concert said that there was a lot of chaos and confusion when a gunman opened fire. U2 offered their deepest sympathies to Eagles of Death Metal and their fans, as well as offering their support to the families of those who lost their lives in the shootings.

Due to the unfortunate turn of events, U2, in collaboration with Live Nation and HBO, announced through their website that the show would be held at a different date, after everything settles down. The band regretted that the show would not continue as planned, and went ahead to wish their fans in Paris the best as they looked forward to the next date for the concert. It was, indeed, an unfortunate incident; what was supposed to be an entertainment-filled weekend was cut short by deadly attacks in the French capital. U2 fans can only hope for the best.

Celebrity Assault

Celebrity assault cases have been on the rise. Just recently, one of the actresses featuring in the prominent Television series NCIS, Pauley Perrette was assaulted. This resonated to public knowledge after she tweeted on her assault by who she refers to as a ‘psychotic homeless man’ that made substantive threats of killing her.

The actress, commonly known for her imminent role as a forensic scientist as Abby Sciuto. Following her tweet, it can be clearly deduced that the actress was deeply frightened. In what she describes as not only traumatic but also frightening, the actress went ahead to explain that the incident did change her life.

According to the actress, as she was walking from her Holly wood residence to a nearby guest house, she was grabbed by the homeless man who literary punched her and kept on going about the fact that he was going to kill her. The actress, 46, did identify the homeless man as William. The attack, that occurred around 5 p.m was orchestrated not far away from where a substantive number of transients are mostly found.

Trying to contain the situation, Perrette tried initiating a conversation with the homeless man, in fact telling him that he had a good name, similar to the one held by her nephew. Instead of making good the situation, the homeless man kept on punching her. The matter was later picked up by the LAPD who arrested the man and is now being held of $100,000.

On the social realm, the actress has been quite vocal with regard to advocating for civil rights as well as taking care of the homeless people within the society. In what she penned as life changing, Perrette was quite shocked that such an incident occurred within Hollywood as well as the fact that she was attacked by the same people that she has dedicated her life to protecting.

This experience resonates to a number of assault cases that are prevalent within the entertainment industry, most of which go unreported. It is imperative for the society to incept clear and comprehensive mechanisms that not only take care of such people within the society but also conceptualize diverse and dynamic mechanisms that will ensure homeless people to not only have housing facilities but also ensure that there are enough mental health institutions to cater for the same. On the other hand, we ought to take a personal initiative to work hand in hand with the federal institutions to ensure that such cases are effectively minimized.